Hiko finishes his last VALORANT beta match with a knife ace

A fitting end for an exciting beta.

Photo via DreamHack

The VALORANT closed beta has officially ended and players must now wait until June 2 to enjoy the game again. Several players scrambled to get one more match in before the beta ended today, including former CS:GO pro Hiko.

Hiko ended his last game in the VALORANT beta with an impressive knife ace. His team was up by 11 rounds and was about to finish the match when the enemy squad suggested a knife battle. Hiko and his teammates agreed to have some fun during their last match of the beta and put away their weapons.

Hiko ran into two enemies who almost overwhelmed him, but his teammate helped distract the two players. Hiko eliminated both enemies and chased another opponent onto the bombsite. The third enemy killed Hiko’s teammate, but Hiko immediately avenged their death.

Once Hiko was on the bombsite, he planted the spike to raise the stakes and ran to help his teammates who were fighting the last two enemies. Another one of Hiko’s teammates was killed in battle but Hiko still had the situation under control.

The knife battle moved into the enemy’s spawn and resulted in an intense close-quarters fight. Hiko outmaneuvered an enemy and stabbed them in the back before focusing his attention on the final player. The last enemy was distracted by Hiko’s teammate, which made them an easy kill for the talented pro. Hiko finished his last match of the beta with an impressive knife ace.

Hiko wasn’t the only player who decided to have fun in the last few rounds of the beta, though. A full lobby had a five-vs-five knife fight to end their match, which was entertaining and fun for everyone involved.

VALORANT fans will have to wait until June 2 to play the game again.