Hiko breaks down how to default in VALORANT using a StarCraft analogy

And it actually makes sense.

Photo via DreamHack

For VALORANT fans new to the tactical shooter genre, Hiko’s got you covered.

The 100 Thieves captain explained the default strategy during his Twitch broadcast today, using a StarCraft analogy to bring the idea home. 

“As you build your base out for Zerg, your actual creep starts expanding,” Hiko said. “You want to expand your creep, you want to get as much map control as you can, as safe as you really can, while also trying to get the other team to use their abilities and use their utility.”

Similar to how Zerg players might overpopulate the map and overrun their opponents in StarCraft, a VALORANT team may consider spreading out to gain control. When attacking, teams want to eliminate as much of the map from the opposing squad as possible. By playing safe and baiting out enemy abilities, your squad can gain the advantage by playing methodologically.

Hiko explained what defaulting might look like while attacking on Haven, a map with three bombsites. A player might smoke out C Long and snag the ultimate orb. This can bait the enemy into using their utility to prevent the push. Two other players can then hold B Mid, waiting to see if the enemy team pushes out and snag a pick or two. While this is happening, the other two players can move up to A Short and Long, slowly removing map control from the opposing team.

The 31-year-old veteran has had already won multiple tournaments with 100 Thieves. Check out what gear Hiko uses on 100 Thieves.

While this concept might be familiar to Counter-Strike players, it might be new to those experiencing a tactical shooter for the first time.

Hiko fans who want to learn more VALORANT strats can tune into his Twitch channel.