High school student sneakily mentions all VALORANT map names in graduation speech

Maybe video games do make you more creative.

Image via Riot Games

A high school student managed to incorporate the name of every VALORANT map in their graduation speech without getting caught, according to a video recently posted on Reddit.

Plenty of high school students who are required to make a speech at graduation are nervous about speaking in front of their classmates and peers and are worried about making a mistake. Some take a comedic approach to ease their nerves, while others try to be poetic and deep to send a message. 

But one fan decided to fit every VALORANT map name into his speech as an inside joke in front of his entire graduating class. 

“The future won’t be a Breeze, but it won’t be an Icebox either,” the student said. “As we Split on our different paths, continuing our Ascent to college and beyond, we can find a Haven in the communities we build and the common ideas that Bind us together as one class.”

Most of the crowd had no idea that he managed to reference every map in VALORANT smoothly, although the Icebox line was slightly reaching. But, on the other hand, there were likely a few VALORANT players who were surprised or unsure if it was intentional. 

Many students were forced to study from home over the past year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which likely gave them a lot more time to enjoy video games. The student who wrote the speech confirmed he spent a lot of time enjoying VALORANT during class, but it doesn’t appear to have affected his grades. 

The next time you’re forced to sit through a high school graduation, remember there might be hidden messages in the speech. 

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