Here are the VALORANT Patch 3.04 notes

New options galore.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 3.04 is bringing improvements to the game’s performance stats and graphs settings, esports features, and several bug fixes.

The latest patch adds new options that can be toggled in the settings menu to manage the performance of VALORANT on your system. These new settings include packet loss breakdowns, upload data usage, package send and receive rate, and used and available memory. The performance cost for displaying these stats has also been reduced, meaning players can track their game without wasting precious system resources. Some of the stats will now show the moving average since instantaneous values can be less important and distracting. 

Patch 3.04 also includes new esports features that will improve the competitive viewing experience. The custom lobby player order will still appear in the agent select screens, as well as in-game for observers. Tactical timeouts will not show the team’s color who called the timeout. 

Cypher’s equipped utility will now be shown correctly and the white dot above a player’s head no longer appears for observers. Viper’s ultimate ability now also appears correctly on the mini-map and there’s no longer a brief flash for observers when swapping to player targets or swapping back to players after following a projectile. 

It’s no longer possible to interact with the shop during a timeout, preventing confusion and avoiding vanishing weapons. The minimal HUD option now follows the mini-map toggle settings while following another observer and player nameplates no longer remain on the screen for projectile-follow observers. 

Players can now enjoy an improved model viewer, allowing them to preview skins in the store and experience their animations and effects. The annoying bug that caused player invites to not disappear after being rejected is resolved and the issue that prevented the loopback test from functioning has been fixed.

The latest patch also fixes several irritating bugs and glitches. A bug causing the Nearsight effect to be removed when killed inside of smoke has been removed and Viper’s ultimate no longer drains after her smokes dissipate if she’s suppressed as she activates her Toxic Screen or Poison Cloud abilities. 

The bug allowing KAY/O to equip abilities that have no charges if they were equipped after activating the NULL/cmd ability has also been resolved. Players can no longer place abilities on Cypher’s Cyber Cage projectile while it’s in midair and Omen’s Dark Cover ability will no longer travel in unintended ways. Players might notice slight changes in how Omen’s smoke travels and settles, but it should now land precisely where the targeting preview indicates. 

A bug causing the buff and debuff timers to now show for spectators or observers is also fixed and the bug causing the UI to show players suppressed effect visuals if they were spectating a suppressed teammate in the previous round was addressed, too. 

An interesting update ensures defenders win the round if all living players are killed simultaneously before the Spike is planted. For example, if Raze’s Showstopper ability kills all players, the defenders win as they technically prevented the attackers from planting the Spike. An issue when turning off bullet tracers that caused everyone’s tracers alongside your own to be removed has been fixed and toggling the feature going forward will only hide your tracers, but all other tracers will remain active.

Finally, one of the most annoying bugs that caused settings to not save properly is fixed, including performance stats and graphs and some Shooting Range settings.

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