GGTech VALORANT Invitational 2 LAN Scores and Results

Infinity vs. Rainbow7 finals

Image via Riot Games

GGTech’s VALORANT Invitational 2, which is a South American tournament that’s a part of Riot Game’s Ignition Series, ends today with Rainbow 7 taking on Infinity Esports in the grand final. 

Boasting 16 teams, the tournament has a $2,500 prize pool and has been taking place over the course of the past two weeks. 

After a round robin phase that split teams into four groups, the teams with one or fewer wins were eliminated, leaving only the top eight teams for a single elimination bracket.

From there, Infinity didn’t drop a map in the first two rounds. Rainbow7 only dropped one map. All the matches in the playoffs were best two out of three.

The grand finals tonight will be broadcast on Twitch in Spanish on the official GGTech VALORANT Twitch channel at 6:00 p.m. CT.

This story will be updated as the scores from the finals this evening become final.

Bracket Play

  • Kaizen Esports defeat Liga del Mal 2-1
  • Rainbow7 defeats EGYX 2-0
  • TopHard Esports defeats Lazer Klan 2-0
  • Infinity Esports defeats MeT 2-0
  • Rainbow7 defeats Kaizen 2-1
  • Infinity defeats TopHard 2-0
  • Infinity defeats Rainbow7 3-0