Gambit’s Sheydos pulls off incredible ace against Acend in VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs

Don't underestimate Sheydos.

Image via Riot Games

Gambit Esports’ Bogdan “Sheydos” Naumov secured an incredible ace against Acend in today’s VCT Stage Three EMEA Challengers Playoffs lower final. Both teams already qualified for Masters Three Berlin but fought for a shot at the playoffs title.

Gambit started the series with an exhausting 18-16 win on Ascent and maintained their momentum going to Bind. While the entire team was performing well, Sheydos helped maintain their lead with an incredible ace in round nine.

Acend pushed into B site, securing two kills along the way, and were almost done clearing the site when disaster struck. Sheydos held his ground and killed four enemies that peeked him individually. He took out an enemy Sage who peeked from behind a doorway, a Brimstone that attempted a flank, an opposing Raze on top of a container and finished the rival’s Skye with a headshot. Acend’s Vladyslav “Kiles” Shvets tried to clutch the round, but Sheydos also took him out and secured the ace.

Acend only won four rounds on Bind but did bounce back with a victory on Breeze. Gambit, however, closed the series on Haven and will face SuperMassive Blaze in the EMEA Challengers Playoffs grand finals. The defeat knocked Acend out of the Challengers Playoffs. Both Gambit and Acend will advance onto Masters Three Berlin, though, and Acend might get a chance at revenge. 

Gambit Esports will face SuperMassive Blaze in the grand finals tomorrow at 8am CT. 

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