Economy changes should force better decision-making and non-damage assists now count towards combat score in VALORANT Patch 1.11

Today's update is a doozey.

Image via Riot Games

Some interesting matchmaking changes are hitting Riot’s tac shooter.

VALORANT’s Patch 1.11 introduces a fan-requested change to help sentinels potentially make their way to the top of the scoreboard. And several adjustments to the game’s economy may force players to make crucial decisions.

With performance being a key factor in how much rank you gain for a victory, players who frag out with duelists have a better chance at getting more up arrows. This left sentinels, like Sage and Cypher, with the short end of the stick.

Today’s patch will now make non-damage assists count toward combat score. This means that a Sage heal, a Cypher Trapwire, or a Sova Recon Bolt will help players move up the scoreboard. It’s unclear exactly how many points a non-damage assist will award, but it’s better than nothing.

Riot is also introducing some new rulesets to the game’s economy, hoping to “increase richness in decision making regarding when it is worthwhile to save your gear vs. go for the round win.” And saving expensive weapons, like that pricey Operator, should be less worthwhile when losing a round.

Attackers that lose the round but survive without planting the Spike will get fewer credits (1,000). Defenders who lose the round but survive after the Spike detonates will also get less funds (1,000). And for those worried about their KDA, dying to the Spike will no longer count as a death.