Does Ariana Grande have a VALORANT team? Ariana Grande Perfume explained

"They had us the first half, I'm not gonna lie."

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Game Changers North America Series Two event started on July 6 with eight teams competing for a $50,000 prize pool.

Among the eight teams participating in the event, many fans’ eyes were on Dignitas Female, TSM X, Immortals, and Cloud9 White at the beginning. But one more team was able to draw the community’s attention both due to their flashy name, Ariana Grande Perfume, and impressive performance.

What is Ariana Grande Perfume?

Ariana Grande Perfume is a VALORANT team that drew the community’s attention during the 2022 North American Game Changers Series Two. The squad consists of wavy, Australis, m1yu, bella, and e-girl, and it was formed in June 2022.

Does Ariana Grande have a VALORANT team?

No, Ariana Grande doesn’t have a VALORANT team. Though the singer has appeared in Fortnite, she hasn’t officially branched into esports.

The VALORANT team, Ariana Grande Perfume, knocked Immortals out of the competition in the first round of the lower bracket and their name started echoing across the internet. Ariana Grande Perfume isn’t affiliated with the singer and it looks to be a fun/meme name. The squad is also not sponsored by any organizations.

Is there an Ariana Grande VALORANT perfume?

Riot Games hasn’t disclosed any plans of launching a perfume line. There isn’t an Ariana Grande VALORANT perfume. There’s a professional VALORANT team that goes by the name of Ariana Grande Perfume, however, but the squad doesn’t have any ties to the singer.