DarkZero signs jammyz to complete VALORANT roster ahead of NA VCT 2022

Jam that jam.

Photo via Version1

Las Vegas-based organization DarkZero Esports has finally filled the fifth spot on its VALORANT roster, signing Jamal “jammyz” Bangash to the team just a couple of days ahead of the first NA VCT open qualifier of the 2022 season.

DarkZero, an organization known for its prominence in North American Rainbow Six Siege, jumped into VALORANT late in the 2021 campaign when it acquired the Kooky Koalas roster in June. The Koalas, at the time, were the hottest North American unsigned roster in VALORANT and were the only org-less team to make it to an NA Challengers main event all year.

Unfortunately for the team, they never made it back to a Challengers main event after signing. And in September, the org parted ways with both Nick “Harmon” Harmon and coach Zack “huuaw” Solomon. The org trialed a handful of different players in the months to follow during various NSG open events, and after playing with jammyz in the past few open tournaments, it’s made the decision to permanently add him.

Jammyz is no stranger to competitive VALORANT play. After an extended run with beastcoast from late 2020 to mid 2021, he was briefly acquired as a stand-in for Version1 for their run at Master Reykjavk after V1’s recently signed Maxim “wippie” Shepelev was unable to acquire a visa. He primarily played Viper and put on some solid performance in their series against Crazy Raccoon, Team Liquid, and NUTURN.

Following his performance in Iceland, he briefly trialed for both Evil Geniuses and Kansas City Pioneers but has now finally found a home in DarkZero. He’s primarily played Chamber in his recent matches with DZ, putting up a couple monster performances against SHIKIGAMI and Knights Academy.

DarkZero and jammyz will take on the NA VCT open qualifier bracket beginning on Jan. 27.