Dad asks for help with finishing VALORANT battle pass for his son

His son broke his hand, but he still wanted the battle pass axe.

Image via Riot Games

Reddit user Bingonight turned to the VALORANT subreddit to learn more about the game so that he could finish the battle pass for his son who had broken his hand. 

Bingonight said his son loves VALORANT and had been excited to finish the battle pass this Act in order to get the axe at the end. The only problem was that Bingonight’s son had broken his hand at recess toward the end of the battle pass and would be recovering for a least a month.

Not wanting to see his son disappointed, Bingonight, who apparently played Counter-Strike Source years ago, asked for help from other Redditors to learn how he best could level up the battle pass.

After several hours Bingonight received numerous replies from the community in private messages and in the comments underneath the Reddit post where he had asked for help. Since the initial post, Bingonight has updated the community thrice, saying that he enjoyed playing Reyna and was slowly climbing through the battle pass. Additionally, Bingonight repeatedly thanked the community for all of the help he received in a short amount of time.

The Reddit post itself has more than 250 comments of people either helping Bingonight or praising him for helping his son.