Cypher’s Spy Cam can see enemy players before round starts on Ascent in VALORANT

Remember this spot when pushing A site.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player has found a spot on Ascent where Cypher’s Spy Cam can see enemy players before the round begins. 

Cypher can place his camera in a corner on A site that allows players to see into A main. If players activate the camera before the round starts, they can see enemies through the barrier and determine their movements. The camera can be consistently placed with a little practice as players must learn how to jump on the generator in A main. 

The angle only allows players to see enemies standing on the tables that are deep in A main, but this is a common spot players will stand before the round starts. Cypher cannot see enemies standing close to the barrier, however, which means enemies can still push the site without being noticed. 

Seeing enemies before the round starts provides an unfair advantage that can change a round’s outcome. If Cypher sees the entire enemy team getting ready to push A, he can let his teammates know and surprise the attackers with a full team. 

This is likely an unintentional view since teams are not supposed to see each other while the barrier is still active. Riot Games has not acknowledged the issue, but it may be removed in a future update. 

Attackers pushing A site on Ascent should stay close to the barrier at the beginning of rounds if there is a Cypher on the other team for the time being.