If you complete a defuse and die at the same time in VALORANT, the game will award both sides a win

VALORANT still has some wrinkles to iron out.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ VALORANT closed beta has been a learning experience for everybody involved, from the players to the developers. As people continue to play the game, more bugs have popped up for the devs to fix, including this funny glitch where both teams get a round win if a player completes a defuse and dies at the exact same time.

The bug was encountered by popular 100 Thieves streamer Classify, who didn’t even notice the bug during the game. In the clip, he’s spectating a teammate who’s going for a last-second defuse on the enemy spike. It looked like he got the defuse off in time, but the enemy team shot him right when the defuse bar filled up.

The Flawless banner appeared on screen, which suggested that the opposing team won the round. But when viewers looked at the overall round score, it had gone from 1-2 to 2-3. Classify’s squad was given a round win, even though it said that the enemy team was victorious.

The game seems to log both the bomb defusal and the final kill at the same time, giving a win to each side. One player reported that they also encountered this glitch and both teams got two rounds worth of credits to spend for the next round of play.

Although this situation might seem difficult to replicate, there will always be close rounds where a bomb defusal comes right down to the wire. But it’s even rarer to find a moment when a player gets shot at the exact moment that a bomb is defused.

Riot should look into fixing this bug so that people aren’t unjustly rewarded for losing a round.