Brax uses Jett’s knives to net incredible plays during VALORANT stream

Everyone loves one-taps.

Image via Riot Games

Braxton “brax” Pierce was VALORANT’s first signed pro player and he showed why in a few clips from his stream last night.

Armed with a mere Sheriff, brax pushed for the Ultimate Orb. After he got it, he immediately activated Jett's ultimate, Bladestorm, known in shorter terms as just "knives."

From there, it was lights out for the other team. Despite losing a player to an early pick, brax's team quickly executed onto Haven's C site with all four of their remaining players. They got the bomb down and, well, brax killed everybody.

He began the butchering with a one-tap onto the head of an Omen trying to flash and push through the garage and punctuated it with a Sheriff one-tap onto a Cypher pushing from CT.

Later in the same stream, brax pulled off an incredible play with Jett's knives again.

While it wasn't an ace, this play was arguably more impressive than the one before. His second kill on the Brimstone was particularly spectacular. Brax then used Bind's teleporter sound cues to pinpoint his last two enemies and gun them down in quick succession.

While brax clearly excels, his team, T1, have yet to find their competitive footing. They qualified for First Strike North America but went out in the quarterfinals, losing 2-0 to 100 Thieves. You could argue that simply making First Strike is an achievement in itself, but this was a roster built to compete for championships early and often. So far, T1 haven't been able to do that, despite brax's best efforts.