Best VALORANT cosplay

Some cosplayers don't joke around.

Image via Riot Games

The cancellation of all live events and conventions in esports due to COVID-19 has prevented VALORANT from hosting a single offline competition since its release in June. But passionate cosplayers haven’t been discouraged from creating outfits and accessories to dress like their favorite VALORANT agents.

VALORANT is the latest game from League of Legends‘ publisher Riot Games and it’s one of the most successful new esports of the year after an outstanding launch on Twitch. It had nearly three million players logging in every day during its closed beta and rapidly gained popularity on Twitch and in the competitive FPS scene.

VALORANT’s mix of CS:GO mechanics with unique abilities similar to Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and Apex Legends makes it different from other shooters. The lore of the game is still in development, but the futuristic design of the maps, weapons, and outfits has inspired many creators.

Here are some of the best cosplays that have been shared on social media.


Cosplayer: Glory Lamothe

Cosplayer: Farbenfuchs


Cosplayer: Oichichan


Cosplayer: Kokoa Cosplay


Cosplayer: Black Ace Cosplay


Cosplayer: Nadya Anton


Cosplayer: ArmoRatt


Cosplayer: Peyton

Brimstone and Breach are among the agents with fewer cosplays in the community. Many more creative VALORANT cosplays should start to appear when esports and gaming conventions take place physically again after the COVID-19 pandemic, though.