Average Jonas explains how to get on top of the Icebox tube in VALORANT with Sova’s ult

Surprise enemies with this move.

Image via Riot Games

Team Liquid content creator Average Jonas explained how to get on top of the tube on Icebox in VALORANT with Sova’s ultimate ability today. The top of the tube can be reached with several agents, like Raze, Omen, and Jett. 

But Sova can also get on top of the tube with his ultimate ability if used correctly. Sova’s ultimate can boost players into the air if they jump while using the ability. Average Jonas explained how to replicate the maneuver by standing in a specific spot, jumping, and crouching at the right time. 

Players can use the first two shots of the ultimate normally, but the third shot is required to get on top of the tube. After turning away from the tube at a 45-degree angle, players must jump, fire the third ultimate shot, and crouch in the air. 

If done correctly, players will land on top of the tube. This is an excellent way to surprise enemies since they won't expect Sova to be in this elevated position. But it's a costly tactic since it requires Sova’s ultimate and one of the shots. 

Sova’s ultimate can be used to boost players into several spots on multiple maps. The tube in Icebox is in the middle of the map and is an excellent spot to eliminate unsuspecting enemies. Players won't use this strategy often, but it can be a nice trick in late-round situations. 

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