All of the teams qualified for the VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík

Who's going to be the best?

Image via Riot Games

The first major LAN event since VALORANT launched is set to kick off on May 24 and all the regional finals are slowly wrapping up to decide the representatives. While the North American, EMEA, and the Brazilian regions received two spots each, teams from the Korean, LATAM, Japanese, and SEA regions fought for a single spot to represent their regions.

No matter the region, all teams participating in the VCT Stage Two Masters battled through an immense level of internal competition. VCT Stage Two Masters in Reykjavík, Iceland will be the perfect chance for teams from all over the world to see which region is currently the best in VALORANT.

The level of competition has been incredibly high in the regional qualifiers and fans watched the teams’ battles for a chance in the spotlight. Here are the 10 teams that will participate in the VCT Stage Two Masters later this month.


  • Sentinels
    • ShahZaM
    • SicK
    • Zombs
    • Dapr
    • TenZ
  • Version1
    • Vanity
    • Effys
    • Penny
    • Zellsis
    • Wippie
    • Immi (Coach)


  • Team Liquid
    • Jammpi
    • Kryptix
    • L1NK
    • ScreaM
    • Soulcas
    • Sliggy (Coach)
  • Fnatic
    • Boaster
    • Derke
    • Doma
    • Mistic
    • Magnum
    • mini (Coach)


  • NUTURN Gaming
    • Solo
    • Peri
    • Allow
    • Suggest
    • Lakia
    • Jaemin (Coach)


  • Team Vikings
    • frz
    • gtnZin
    • Saadhak
    • Sacy
    • sutecas
    • faithz0r (Coach)
  • Sharks Esports
    • DeNaro
    • fra
    • light
    • gaabxx
    • prozin
    • fx (Coach)


  • KRÜ Esports
    • Mazino
    • delz1k
    • bnj
    • NagZ
    • Klaus
    • Onur (Coach)
    • BeTony (Coach)


  • Crazy Raccoon
    • Rion
    • Zephyr
    • Medusa
    • Neth
    • Munchkin
    • Twinkl (Coach)
    • Mun (Coach)


  • X10 Esports
    • Crws
    • Foxz
    • sScary
    • Sushiboys
    • Patiphan
    • 0bi (Coach)

While fans will have the option to tune into the event through broadcasts by Riot Games, VALORANT’s esport website will continue to be the one-stop-hub for everything related to the event. If you miss any matches, you’ll be able to check out the VODs through a simple interface.