A VALORANT player played the piano each time after they died during a match

The music might've helped their teammates focus.

Image via Riot Games

Dying in VALORANT is an often frustrating and humbling experience. Most players get upset that the enemy team was able to defeat them or that their own mistakes caused their early elimination. And sometimes, an inexperienced or trolling teammate can cause your demise, which is arguably the most frustrating experience of all.

A lot of players take their death in stride and prepare for the next round, while some become angry and flame their teammates. But one player did neither and instead serenaded their teammates while playing the piano. 

A VALORANT player uploaded a clip earlier today of their Spike Rush match where they encountered the quiet but musically talented player. Each time the player died, they started to practice their piano skills while using their mic, which allowed their team to enjoy the music. Some players would be annoyed by this, but everyone on their team sat in silence and enjoyed the tunes while playing the game. 

The player started with a rendition of Alan Walker’s “Faded” before switching to “Melody” by Lost Frequencies and James Blunt. But they did make sure to help their team each round and only played the piano when dead or when the round just started. The team managed to win the match and likely received a morale boost from the music. 

Playing the piano instead of raging over the mic when dead is a nice change of pace, but we don’t recommend doing this during ranked matches. Feel free to express yourself during Spike Rush matches, though, where the stakes are much lower.