A Pearl event pass is coming to VALORANT, features artwork from DC Comics

Get some free loot.

Image via Riot Games

Today VALORANT developers Riot Games unveiled an event pass that will be added to the game to celebrate the release of Pearl, the game’s newest map. 

The event pass, which will release today, will be free for all players and will include seven different levels. There will be two new titles dubbed “Dimensional” and “Double Agent” while three new player cards featuring some of the agents in VALORANT will also be added. 

Omen, Killjoy, and Raze mains will rejoice as these three agents are featured on several player cards. The controller Omen will get his own spooky player card while Killjoy and Raze are saving the day on their card. Two Radianite levels will be added to help with the gun level-ups, also. 

The player cards are comic book themed with Riot bringing in the chief creative officer of DC Comics Jim Lee to create the player cards. 

The event pass will span for three weeks, which is set to begin today and conclude on July 13. 

Fans of the storytelling in VALORANT will also be able to find a comic book shop, which can be found on Pearl. 

Pearl is set to release later today with the release of Episode five, Act one. The map should be familiar to FPS veterans as it features a three-lane layout but has smaller lanes toward the middle of the map that offshoot to the spike sites. 

Split will be removed from the competitive and unrated map pool while Pearl will be introduced to ranked on July 12 to ensure players have enough practice on the new map.