100 Thieves’ Fuslie gets a headshots-only 3K in VALORANT with Marshal

Don't sleep on the Marshal.

Image via Riot Games

100 Thieves’ Fuslie hit an impressive clip in VALORANT by killing three players consecutively with the Marshal. 

The Marshal is an excellent choice in VALORANT when you can’t afford a rifle and don’t want to waste too many credits. The weapon can kill enemies without armor in a single shot, and headshots are always fatal. This also makes it an excellent choice if you need a reliable weapon when forcing with your team. In the right hands, the Marshal is deadly, which Fuslie showed in a recent clip. 

Fuslie and her team were pushing toward A site on Bind when an enemy peeked them from Hookah. Fuslie eliminated them with a well-placed headshot before killing another enemy peeking from Heaven. Fuslie planted the Spike before covering her team’s flank, hoping the final enemy player pushed toward her. Unfortunately for the enemy team, the last player peeked and was the third and final kill in Fuslie’s headshot-only Marshal slaughter. 

Almost everyone agrees that hitting three headshots in a row with the Marshal is challenging and impressive. Even the official VALORANT account responded to the tweet, adding an extra layer of satisfaction. Other notable streamers like Ryan Higa and Quarter Jade also showed their support. 

Don’t be afraid to pick up the Marshal in your next eco round because you might get your own incredible clip.