G2.Kinguin 2

G2.Kinguin 2

VaingloryVaingloryUnited KingdomUnited KingdomFounded:Jul 2016
G2.Kinguin 2
United Kingdom
Rank: TBAdisbandeddisbanded
G2.Kinguin 2 was previously a European team.
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G2.Kinguin 2 was formed in January 2016 to compete in the VGL EU Qualifier #1. Their roster initially included TaisukeSan, MajestiC, and Pips; however, for the first part of the qualifier they started TaisukeSan along with DarkPotato and D1ngo initially before switching to their starting lineup. After losing to RebelTiger in the finals of Reim Bracket, the team finished tied for fifth place. In the second qualifier, they started TaisukeSan, MajestiC, and Pips, and lost once again in the finals of their bracket, this time Catherine and this time to Team Secret.

In the Winter Live Championship, G2.Kinguin 2 used the same roster that they had started for Qualifier #2. Seeded into Group 2, the team lost to Team Secret, defeated SNOW Avalanche, and then lost to Secret a second time, finishing tied for fifth place with SK Prometheus, just behind their sister team.

Soon after the Live Championship, G2.Kinguin 2 disbanded, and several of the team members were reabsorbed into G2 Kinguin.

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