Celsior eSports

Celsior eSports

VaingloryVaingloryUnited StatesUnited StatesFounded:Jul 2016
Celsior eSports
United States
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Celsior eSports was founded on May 1, 2017, by Helios564. Celsior eSports started out with a North American roster made up of audioVox, Nick40, and Eightbit. Celsior's North American roster has accomplished many things such as placing 3rd in NACL Season 3 and VIS Participants.

Shortly after Celsior eSport's NA roster placed 3rd in NACL Season 3 they acquired Divine Aurora, a team that had placed 2nd in Tesseract Challengers Series Summer Split 1 2017. They were forced to play the number one VG8 challenger team Artisan. After defeating Artisan 2-1 Celsior eSports claimed its spot in VG8 with 6 points.

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