Davis "Vains" Giang is the roamer for GankStars.
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Late 2015, Vains joined Team Snipe as starting roamer before the start of NA Autumn Qualifier 2. Team Snipe lost in round of 16 and did not qualify for the live championship.



Vains joined Hammers Velocity as starting roamer along with former teammate Aloh4 in NA Winter Qualifier 1. Velocity was knocked out of Q1 in the round of 16 by GankStars Vega. Velocity then went on to take a victory over the reigning champs LiberationX for a 3rd place finish in NA Winter Qualifier 2 and qualified to participate in the NA Winter Live Championship at Red Bull eSports Studio in Santa Monica, CA.

At the NA Winter Live Championship, Hammers Velocity finished their first season as a team in 2nd place.


Hammers Velocity started off the spring season with a 3rd place finish over reigning champs Team SoloMid in NA Spring Qualifier 1. Velocity then took first in NA Vainglory Master Series over Nemesis Excrucio. Velocity also took first in NA Spring Qualifier 2 over Excrucio (formerly Nemesis Excrucio), again qualifying Velocity to compete at the live championship.

At the NA Spring Live Championship, Hammers Velocity despite falling into the loser bracket took a convincing 3-1 victory in the Grand Finals, again over Phoenix Reign (formerly Excrucio).


Vains took a break during summer to focus on school.


Vains joined Hammers Velocity again after taking a break during summer season. Hammers Velocity (DNZio, Vains, PONtheoriginal starting roster) place 1st in split 1. Place 6th in split 2 (Dnzio, Vains, Aloh4) Place 4th at Vainglory Worlds.



Immortals place 5th in split 1. Immortals place 6th in split 2 and fall to Challenge battles, they get relegated from the VG8. They travel to London for the Unified Live Championships, upset the #3 seed Hammers eSports and fall to G2 Esports the #1 seed from EU and place 5-8 out of 12 teams.


Vains joins Gankstars to replace r3cKed.

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