"uNi" is the jungler for Infamous Gaming.
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Following the Winter Season, uNi joined Noble eSports with fellow players [[El-Riesgo] and XenoTek. Noble was knocked out in the round of 16 by Gankstars Sirius, but rebounded in the second qualifier where they won in what the community considered a large upset against Qualifier 1 winners, Hammers Kinetic. They went on to finish 4th overall in qualifier 2, qualifying them for the Spring Live Championships where they finished 7-8th. Noble disbanded following the Spring Season.

In the Summer Season, uNi joined Nemesis hydra to play as a substitute behind starting jungler iLoveJoseph. uNi didn't play throughout both Evil Eight split 1 and 2 until the seeding week when he played over iLoveJoseph. Nemesis qualified for the Summer Live Championships and went in as the 5th seed overall.

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