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Cesar Moreno
United States
United States
August 1998
United StatesCoach
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired
Cesar "Stussy" Moreno is a coach for Team Phoenix.
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Stusy began his competitive career playing with Nemesis Titan. Titan finished 5-8 th in the second Autumn Qualifier, getting knocked out in the round of 8 by Gankstars Vega. However, it was enough to qualify for the live championships where they went in as the 7th seed and finished 5-6th.


In the Spring Season, Stussy joined Excrucio as a coach. In their first tournament together, they finished 5-8th when they lost to Hammers Velocity in the Adagio bracket finals. In Spring Qualifier 2, they dropped affiliation with Nemesis and became just Excrucio and went on to finish 2nd after losing to Hammers Velocty in the finals. Shortly after the finish of qualifier 2, Excrucio was picked up by Team Phoenix and renamed to Phoenix Reign. At the Spring Live Championships, Reign finished 2nd overall, again losing to Hammers Velociity in the finals 3-1.

Stussy remained on Team Phoenix as a coach until the summer season.

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Phoenix Reborn
Apr 2016
Phoenix Reign
Apr 2016

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