Ricardo "KValafar" Gonçalves is the laner for SK Gaming.
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KValafar began his competitive career with Media Pixel eSports in the Autumn Season 2015 where he competed alongside Mowglie and Palmatoro. The team initially did not make it to the Autumn Live Championship. Only due to SK Prometheus' forfeit they were able to attend the live event as the 8th seed. Coming in as the underdog, Media Pixel finished 1st place, gaining the title of the first Vainglory European Champions.

One month after their win at the Autumn Live Championship Media Pixel got picked up by the Team Secret organization.

In the Winter Season 2016, KValafar competed under the name of Team Secret at the Winter Live Championship. Finishing first and third at the VGL Winter Qualifiers they gained enough points to make it to Winter Live Championship as the first seed. During the live event Team Secret got knocked into the losers bracket by SNOW Tsunami. Winning in the losers bracket though, they made it into the finals to face off against Team SNOW Tsunami yet again where they won 3-0, thus taking home the title of the European Champions for the second time.

In the Spring Season 2016, Team Secret finished third and first during the VGL Spring Qualifiers, therefore making it to the Spring Live Championship as the first seed. On the first day of the live event the new hero Lance was picked in every single game, mostly by the support players. KValafar was the only one to take Lance into the lane as a carry. During the next days Team Secret made it into the finals without dropping a single game. Facing SNOW Tsunami in the finals Team Secret won 3-1 while giving up only one game throughout the entire Spring Live Championship. With their win, Team Secret claimed the title of the European Champions for the third time in a row.

In the Summer Season 2016, KValafar brought a variation of different heroes like Taka and Rona to the lane during the Evil Eight. Team Secret kept a 19 game series win streak after losing in Split 1 Week 1. During the entire Evil Eight Team Secret only dropped games to mousesports and Gankstars Cerberus. Finishing first overall in both splits, they qualified for the Summer Live Championship as the first seed.

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