Michael "Inane" Shelden is the laner for GankStars Sirius.
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Inane began his competitive career playing with Nemesis Titan. Inane helped the team qualify for the Autumn Live Championships, leading them to a top 8 finish in the second Autumn Qualifier where they were knocked out by Gankstars Vega. However, it was enough to qualify for the live championships where they went in as the 7th seed and finished 5-6th. Inane was unable to attend the live finals, however.


In the Winter Season, Inane joined Hammers Kinetic as a substitute. In what became known in the community as a "cinderella story," the team upset matchup favorites, Liberation Y in the round of 32, as well as taking down VON Menace in the quarterfinals, eventually finishing fourth overall. In Winter VGL Qualifier 2, Hammers Kinetic made it to the round of 8 where they lost to first seeded Gankstars Sirius, but still qualified for the Winter Live Championships where huskies took on a substitute and coaching role. The team finished 5th overall at the Winter Live Championships.

In the Spring Season, Inane joined Phoenix Rising for the Spring VGL qualifiers. The team narrowly missed qualifying for the live championships, however as they were eliminated in the round of 16. In the Summer Season, Inane joined Gankstars Sirius as the laner in Split 2. He helped the team qualify for challenge battles, but the team got eliminated by Ardent Aurora.

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Hammers Kinetic
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