Michael "FlashX" Valore is the roamer for Team SoloMid.
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Michael "FlashX" Valore is from Albaquerque, New Mexico, United States. He grew up playing Dota and Dota 2 and began playing Vainglory in November 2014. He played his first competitive Vainglory event in May 2015.


FlashX began his official competitive career in Autumn 2015 when he started Ardent Alliance with fellow players MICSHE and iLoveJoseph. The team competed in Autumn qualiifer 1, where they finished 1st and earned a VIPL ticket to play in VIPL season 2. At VIPL, Alliance won their group 3-0 and went on to win the entire tournament. Due to their trip to VIPL, the team was unable to compete in Autumn qualifier 2 or the Autumn Live Championships.

Following their 1st place finish at VIPL, the team dropped their affiliation with Ardent and became solely Alliance. In the Winter Season, the team returned to North America to compete in the VGL qualifiers. In qualifier 1, they finished 2nd, losing in the finals to Gankstars Sirius. In Qualifier 2, they faced off against GSS again in the finals, but this time came out victorious and won the qualifier, automatically qualifying them for the Winter Live Championships as the first seed. Shortly before the Winter championships began, it was announced that TSM acquired Alliance. Under new organization TSM, the team finished 1st at the Winter Championships after being knocked into the losers bracket by Hammers Velocity.

In the Spring season, TSM finished 4th in the first VGL qualifier, losing to Velocity in the third place match. In the second qualifier, the team placed third and again qualified for the live championships. At the Spring Live Championships, TSM finished 5-6th, after losing in the finals of the losers bracket to Nemesis Hydra.

Following the Spring Season, TSM dropped CullTheMeek and MICSHE and picked up BestChuckNa and VONC to replace them. TSM struggled slightly in the first split of the Evil Eight as they adjusted to the new roster, but rebounded in split 2 finishing first overall at the end of it, qualifying them for the Summer Live Championships as the first seed.

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