Stephan "Exhail" Nalbandyan is the laner for Misfits.
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Exhail began his competitive Vainglory career in the Autumn season playing with LiberationX. The team was upset in the round of 32 in the first Autumn Qualifier by Vertigo Black, putting them in danger of not qualifying for the Autumn Live Championships. The team rebounded in the second qualifier, finishing top 4 and narrowly qualifying for the Autumn Championship. During the qualifier, Ttigers built a reputation for his farming and stutter-stepping abilities and was recognized as one of the top laners in North America. At the Autumn Championships, Tigers was unable to attend the first two days of the event due to personal reasons, and only flew in for the last day. Exhail filled in, playing as a laner for the first 2 days and helping LibX to qualify for the day 3 semi-finals/finals. In the final match, LiberationX completed a reverse sweep and won the Autumn Live Championships.

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