China passes new regulation that targets loot boxes in games

Game developers are expected to make the odds of all drops public in China, according to new regulations.
Sam Nordmark - 38 minutes ago

WESA’s esports arbitration court is good to go—but who will appeal to it?

The World Esports Association has released its rules for arbitration. Now, it needs to legitimize itself.
Thiemo Bräutigam - an hour ago

WildTurtle to compete with TSM in 2017

2016 shows it still has a fair share of surprises rolled up it’s sleeve.
Sam Nordmark - 2 days ago

Overwatch pros on MLG Vegas map pool: ‘Everyone hates it and it’s a bad idea’

MLG Vegas will have a preset map pool and no one is happy about it.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 days ago

Phoenix1 unveils its League roster for 2017

The team is looking prepared for the upcoming season.
Sam Nordmark - 2 days ago

Esports risks a preventable injury crisis unless education improves

In competitive gaming, dedication can be a blessing and a curse.
Connor Smith - 2 days ago

Dardoch signs as starting jungler for Immortals

The infamous jungler has signed a three-year contract with the organization.
Sam Nordmark - 2 days ago

No matter how bad the Will Ferrell film is — and it will be bad — it won’t kill esports

There’s no joke stupid enough to destroy everything that’s been built.
Callum Leslie - 2 days ago

The most important updates from the new League of Legends patch

Patch 6.24 goes live today, here are the biggest takeaways.
Aaron T. M. - 2 days ago

Esports gambler makes $12,500 on ELEAGUE bet

Betway underestimated OpTic Gaming with 500/1 odds.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 days ago