28 November 2017 - 14:30

Chinese team Miraculous Youngsters taking a break from Overwatch

The team will turn to different games after the Nexus Cup in November and December.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Chinese Overwatch team Miraculous Youngsters will "temporarily disband" following their appearance in the upcoming Nexus Cup.

Despite claiming a number of first-place titles, the top-tier Chinese Overwatch team will cease operations and switch to new games in 2018. A statement posted to Weibo and translated by Reddit stated the organization has been operating on a "huge deficit" for the past year. The roster is not officially disbanded yet, as the players will attempt to switch over to other games.

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The break from Overwatch will begin after the Nexus Cup, which will pit eight Chinese teams against eight South Korean teams. Lucky Future, LGD Gaming, LaoYinBi, Miracle Team One, Vici Gaming, and Team CC will compete alongside MY for China.

Element Mystic, NC Foxes, KongDoo Panthera, Lunatic-Hai, Meta Athena, RunAway, Seven, and X6-Gaming will represent South Korea.

MY also noted that its financial woes did not help the roster find a spot in the Overwatch League. The roster last placed third-fourth at APAC Premier 2017 and at the OGN Super Match Seoul Cup. In October, MY placed first at the Overwatch Premier Series grand finals.

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