14 November 2017 - 18:06

Honor and Glory director Ben Dai discusses the Overwatch animated short

It's a look into the making of the animated short.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is offering Overwatch fans a peek into its latest animated short, Honor and Glory, which was released at BlizzCon on Nov. 3.

The story centers on Reinhardt's past as a German Crusader. Alongside mentor Balderich Von Adler, Reinhardt fights to keep Germany safe during the Omnic Crisis. It's a heartbreaking tale of loss and redemption.

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Blizzard released a behind-the-scenes video on Nov. 14 featuring Overwatch cinematics director Ben Dai. The video, posted to Twitter, is a "director's cut" of sorts, with Dai providing insight on the short's creation.

Dai talks about the struggles of creating a realistic-looking battlefield that still fits in Overwatch's world. The stylized world has its own design cues to take into consideration, while the Blizzard team wanted to make sure the fighting looked "serious" enough. Likewise, the team struggled to show the severity of Von Alder's injuries without making it too gruesome.

Ultimately, the team landed on the Honor and Glory short, and we think they did a dang good job.

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