There's a golden pachimari up for grabs at San Diego Comic-Con

Here are the merch exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con.

Nicole Carpenter  -  12 hours ago

Check out new Overwatch hero Hammond's skins

Overwatch's hamster has a ton of new looks.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 days ago

Junkrat concept art inspired Hammond's design

From Demolitionist to Ball Guy, Wrecking Ball was born.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 days ago

Blizzard took the brunt of a DDOS attack last night

Most of Blizzard's games were involved in the server breakdown.
Nicole Carpenter - 8 days ago

Sombra adjustments, Hanzo nerf also added to Overwatch PTR

Several Overwatch heroes got changes to damage falloff.
Nicole Carpenter - 19 days ago

Overwatch's new Looking for Group feature is already in line for improvements

Jeff Kaplan said the improvements will be on the Overwatch PTR "very soon."
Nicole Carpenter - 20 days ago

No, Blizzard hasn't been granted a patent for Overwatch's POTG—yet

The patent has been published, but not reviewed.
Nicole Carpenter - 21 days ago

Some Overwatch fans are convinced the Junkertown Queen is the next hero

Her voice lines recently got removed from the Junkertown map.
Nicole Carpenter - 22 days ago