13 August 2017 - 13:56

Blizzard is launching a Warcraft 3 Public Test Realm

Does this mean that a remake is on the way?
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Image via Blizzard

Blizzard will be introducing Warcraft 3's first Public Test Realm (PTR) over 15 years after the game was first released.

Blizzard's main aim for the PTR is to implement a lot of balance changes, as well as adjusting item diversity. Several other improvements are also planned, which include updating assets and listening to the Warcraft community on issues they would like to see fixed, according to a recent post on the official Blizzard blog.

Could this be the first real clue that Blizzard has given fans toward the possibility of a Warcraft 3 remaster? It's too difficult to say, but fans are thrilled that Blizzard is taking steps to revive one of it's oldest and most beloved titles.

Rumors of a Warcraft 3 remaster began to circle the internet a few months ago when a job listing suggested that Blizzard is looking to remaster the classic RTS game, as well as Diablo II, sometime in the future.

The launch of Starcraft Remastered was a surprise to the community and fans will surely be hoping that more Blizzard games get the same treatment in the future—maybe even The Lost Vikings.

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