29 August 2017 - 13:09

VR on the Nintendo Switch could be happening

Someone dug around in the game's code and found something very interesting.

If some digging around in Nintendo Switch code is anything to go by, we may get VR on Switch after all.

The Nintendo Switch has proven that innovative hardware, incredible games, and unlimited portability can work in a market full of jacked-up super consoles. Still, this era of adventure has expanded in directions that Nintendo’s console hasn't, with Playstation VR for Sony and, possibly, HoloLens for Microsoft. That is until, the Internet unearthed code over the weekend.

If the Internet is correct, there could be a level of VR functionality on the horizon. Twitter user Cody Brocious, on a scan through the Switch’s internal system code, has found references to running the system in VR, which would open the game up to a completely new form of portability.

How will this work though? According to Kotaku, when patents for the Switch were filed in June 2016, there’s evidence to show a headset that slots into the device as a heads up display. If you’ve ever used Google Cardboard to watch a VR film, then you are on the right track to imagining how this will look and work. It won’t have anywhere near the the level of functionality and precision that the VIVE has, but it’s still good to see that Nintendo are considering the possibility.

The Nintendo Switch’s pure portability could mean that we’re sat in coffee shops, logging on to OASIS sooner than expected.

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