13 September 2017 - 20:08

BlizzCon-exclusive two-seater mounts are now available in World of Warcraft

More exclusive in-game loot will be rolled out in the weeks ahead of BlizzCon.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Two new BlizzCon-exclusive mounts are available today in World of Warcraft.

Ticket holders, virtual and in-person, will be able to unlock BlizzCon exclusive in-game loot. The first items revealed during Blizzard's first BlizzCon pre-show on Sept.13 were two flying, two-seater World of Warcraft mounts. Alliance players will earn the Stormwind Skychaser, while Horde players get the Orgrimmar Interceptor.

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Game specific in-game loot for the rest of Blizzard's titles will be announced in the lead-up to the Nov. 3 to 4 event. Both new mounts are now available for virtual ticket holders who've already bought passes.

The BlizzCon virtual ticket is available now for $40. The Blizzard goodie bag, stuffed with tons of actual loot, can be purchased separately for $45. Virtual ticket holders get a $10 discount, however. An upgraded goodie bag, with double the amount of loot, can be purchased for $70.

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