11 April 2015 - 22:25

Old Spice is asking Twitch players to control a man's life for 3 days

Well, either this will be the best marketing campaign ever or the worst
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Well, either this will be the best marketing campaign ever or the worst. Old Spice, the company known for muscly men and musky fragrances, is planning a rather insane marketing stunt.

From April 16-18, Twitch Plays Old Spice will allow Twitch users in chat to control a man inside a forest. It’s quite probable that the forest will be a set on a soundstage. According to the Old Spice Twitch page, the man is “contractually obligated to do everything you, and millions of other Internet users, tell him to do.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it's far from original. Twitch Plays Pokemon was the phenomenon that took over Twitch last year, and it prompted millions to try to play Pokemon collectively. There have been other spin-offs like Twitch Plays Halo and even gaming personality Adam Sessler messed with the idea of users controlling his movements.

We’re already predicting that quite a few users will troll the hell out of this contractually obligated man, just as many did with Twitch Plays Pokemon in the past. Don’t be surprised if you see many requests asking him to kill this or punch that. 

H/T The Verge | Screengrab via Old Spice/YouTube

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