1 September 2017 - 13:33

The Walking Dead is about to get a Pokémon Go-style game

Of course the next augmented reality game involves zombies.

The undead want to usurp Pokemon Go as the king of the augmented reality mobile game with The Walking Dead: Our World.

It’s been over a year since the breakout success of Pokemon Go and regardless of the problems of the past 365 days, Niantic’s mobile game set a new precedent for the augmented reality genre. Before PGO, AR had long been seen as a game gimmick—the Playstation VITA attempted it around the console's launch in 2011 before dropping it completely. Now it seems everyone wants to have a go at it, including developers Next Games with their AMC partnered game, The Walking Dead: Our World.

The Walking Dead: Our World is a location-based augmented reality mobile game for iOS and Android that will have you fighting the walkers on the streets, in the parks, on your sofa, and if you’re a true horror fan, in shopping malls. Just like Pokemon Go, The Walking Dead will have you teaming up and fighting battles in real-world locations to survive the onslaught of enemies.

Watch the below trailer to find out more and how you need to start preparing for the walker onslaught.

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