29 August 2017 - 20:02

Telltale wants to do a Black Mirror game

A Black Mirror game isn't on the way yet, but it could be.
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Telltale has a pretty hefty resumé between Back to the Future, Batman, Minecraft, and The Walking Dead. And the company's communications head knows where he wants to take the studio next: He wants to create a video game around the science-fiction anthology series Black Mirror, which airs on Channel 4 in the U.K. and Netflix in the U.S.

Creative communications head Job Stauffer expressed some pretty intense interest in working on a Black Mirror video game in a recent interview with PC Gamer at gamescom 2017. He even invited creator Charlie Brooker to get in touch.

"What would I personally like to see Telltale do? I'm really proud of the work that we've gotten to do over the years, and a lot of the surprises we have in store," Stauffer told PC Gamer. "But personally, and this isn't something that we're doing, I've been a big fan of Black Mirror and Charlie Brooker's work. [It's] a phenomenal, phenomenal series. It's a mind-blowing anthology with every season."

Stauffer stressed that Telltale isn't working on anything related to Black Mirror, and specifically asked PC Gamer to quote him in full context. But while nothing is planned with Black Mirror, Stauffer would like the studio to create a game in the near future.

"This is my personal take, please don't confuse this with something that we're actually doing, but Charlie, if you're out there, we would, I would, love to do something on Black Mirror," he said.

Stauffer also stressed that Telltale's "signature format" is constantly changing to meet the demands of different games' storytelling challenges. He told PC Gamer that Telltale has new ideas ahead for The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us for 2018, ones that the company hasn't accomplished before.

"There are things that we're experimenting with incrementally that, three to six months from now, episodes and event current series can implement things that we've never really been able to pull off in a Telltale game," Stauffer said.

For now, a Black Mirror video game remains a fantasy. But knowing Stauffer's interest, there's certainly a possibility.

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