1 September 2017 - 14:24

Super Meat Boy forever: New details on level design, gameplay

We can't wait to throw our controllers across the room while playing this game.

Super Meat Boy Forever is coming in 2018, and we're already learning more about how the game’s levels are constructed—and how it will work.

In the first game, you controlled the up, down, left, right mechanics of Super Meat Boy. But Super Meat Boy Forever will be an auto-runner—just don't even think about calling it that the developers' faces, however.

“To describe Super Meat Boy Forever as an auto-runner would be a disservice," the game says on its website. "It’s like saying that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game about a swordsman.“

Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have a range of actions at their disposal including attacks, dashes and more.

Will the game be procedurally generated? The creators don't like that term either. Super Meat Boy Forever is more "dynamically constructed" with the levels being "heavily based on criteria we’ve designed and tested." Sometimes with procedurally generated games, level design can feel bland and uninspired. Spelunky perfected the craft, while games like No Man’s Sky can leave the world dull and grey-coloured through the procedural generation (that’s not to say there were not incredible worlds in NMS).

“Each time you beat a level, an increased difficulty criteria is used to generate the harder version of that level," the team added. "Also, levels need to have a certain cadence to them so they don’t feel like just random stuff thrown at you.”

I’m looking forward to throwing my Nintendo Switch across the room when Super Meat Boy Forever launches in 2018.

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