9 September 2017 - 16:35

A long-standing Super Mario World record has fallen

Lui037 made history with a clutch speedrun.
Image via Nintendo

A new Super Mario World record has been set just eight months after the previous milestone was reached.

Lui037 beat the All Castles world record earlier today in 34 minutes and 29 seconds, breaking the previous mark set by Stephen1704 by a measly three seconds.

The All Castles run was created to stop players from using various warp pipes to rush to the final boss as quickly as possible.

This category tasks players with finishing the game as quickly as possible while going through nearly every level, taking down the various castles and the bosses that lie within before they can face Bowser.

But other speedrunners might find it to be a bit difficult to beat Lui037’s new world record—the speedrun as it is right now is nearly flawless. A speedrunner, if they are lucky and play the game perfectly, could realistically save about five to 10 seconds overall, leaving very little room for error.

If a big skip is found in the future, however, there’s no telling just how much time could be taken off this new Super Mario World record.

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