28 September 2017 - 19:17

Super Mario Run's latest update brings Princess Daisy and a new game mode

She comes with a sweet double jump, too.
Image via Nintendo Fair Use

A new update has just landed for Super Mario Run, which is sure to rejuvenate the game as it approaches its one year anniversary. That's thanks in part to a new playable character, as well as several additional courses to check out.

The latest Super Mario Run update introduces Remix 10, a fast-paced reimagining of Super Mario Run in which the game randomly turns courses into small levels and has the player go through 10 of them at a time. Courses take seconds to complete, but the levels' structures have been completely mixed up, making classic levels feel pretty new.

Remix 10 is also the key to unlocking the game's new playable character, Princess Daisy, who has a double jump ability that's sure to let players grab those pesky coins hanging out in hard-to-reach places. Of course, Daisy is Luigi's love interest in the Super Mario series, but she has a long history of hanging out in the Mushroom Kingdom while playing tennis or racing karts.

There's also a new world, called World Star, offering a ton of additional courses for players to check out: From an airship armada to forests. And there are some new buildings that players can grab in Remix 10 for Kingdom Builder, which are sure to delight fans of the mode.

Super Mario Run's Remix 10 update is live now for both iOS and Android devices. The game is also on sale for $4.99, down from Nintendo's $9.99 asking price to unlock the full title.

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