6 September 2017 - 15:03

The world record in one of the biggest speedrunning games has been equaled

Are we getting closer to seeing a new record holder?
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Image via Nintendo

The Super Mario Bros. any percent world record was nearly beaten yesterday, after a speedrunner tied with the current world record.

"Kosmicd12" was a 0.1 seconds off stealing the long-standing world record, held by Twitch streamer "darbian" since Oct. 15 2016, of four minutes and 56.878 seconds.

The any percent category tasks players with completing the game as quickly as possible using any glitches or warp pipes available. The speedrunner will usually make sure of the various warp pipes at the end of levels to bypass huge chunks of the game in order to beat the game in under five minutes.

With a game this old, the record has been a constant development as new runners find different tricks to save time.

After completing his speedrun, Kosmicd12 instantly looked back at his run to see what he could improve next time, giving his viewers an inside look into speedrunning one of the world's most popular speed games.

The speedrun itself is far from perfect. World 8-2 was slower then it could be, and 8-4 was an average time at best.

It really goes to show just how hard the world record is to beat. The run was pretty much flawless, and it merely tied with the current world record. Kosmicd, darbian, and the host of others who still run the 32 year-old game will continue to try and refine the record. Some think that 4 minute 55 second run is possible—but we'll have to see it to believe it.

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