30 September 2017 - 16:31

Splatoon 2's latest European splatfest is a weird one

Who even cares about toilet paper?
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Screengrab via Nintendo

Toilet paper is going to play an integral role in Splatoon 2's next splatfest in Europe—yes, you read that correctly.

In a weird turn of events, Splatoon 2 is asking players to pick teams based on how they put rolls of toilet paper into the holder. The two team options are "toilet roll should hang in front" vs. "toilet roll should hang behind."

Image via Nintendo

Players can choose to represent either side of this debate and will have a chance to fight for their team's supremacy starting on Oct. 7.

This month's splatfest is strange, and far less creative than the events in previous months when teams had to decide between either ketchup or mayonnaise, and the ability to fly vs. invisibility.

Splatfests are monthly events that happen over a single weekend. Splatoon 2 players choose teams and play against each other to try to unlock in-game items that can upgrade and change in-game gear. Playing more games helps you get a higher rank and a bigger reward.

There's no news as of yet if the same splatfest will be used in North America or Asia, or if the teams will be determined by an entirely different idea—preferably one that doesn't involve toilet paper.

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