29 July 2017 - 15:31

Speedrunners are already beating Splatoon 2 in under 2 hours

Swim to win.
Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 2 has been officially released for just over a week, but speedrunners have already beaten the single player mode in less than two hours—and they’re hoping to find even more time saves soon.

Twitch streamer MoveFishGetOutTheWay is the current world record holder for the game, finishing at a time of one hour and 44 minutes. The world record has gone back and forth between multiple speedrunners over the past few days and is expected to be beaten again in the immediate future.

The speedrunner relies on pixel perfect movement and utilizing the special weapons littered around each stage to finish levels as quickly as possible. Speedrunners have been unable to find any large skips in the game so far, like Splatoon for Wii U's world four skip, but players are still hopeful to find a big skip in the future as the game continues to be played and tested.

Five speedrunners are currently pushing for the world record, and with enough hard work, the speedrun could likely fall to the one hour and 30 minute mark in the next few days. The speedrun world record at the time of release was just over two hours—so anything is possible.

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