30 August 2017 - 19:58

Online-only bug removed from Sonic Mania on PC

Sonic Mania's online-only bug has been taken out, but DRM remains.
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Sonic Mania fans on PC were shocked to find the invasive DRM Denuvo installed with their copies on Steam. It didn't help, either, that a bug in the game was forcing players to remain online during play.

Issues arose on Sonic Mania's release day when fans attempted to start up the game and play. On launch, the game asked players to connect to the internet, even though Sonic Mania doesn't need an online connection when the game's executable is running. In reality, the online pop-up was caused by a bug in the game's coding, but its request forced players to maintain an online connection in order to jump into Sonic Mania. Which means for many fans, Steam's offline mode wasn't an option with the game.

Luckily, Sega was alerted to the bug, and a Facebook post went live about the problem earlier today. Within an hour, Sega Europe announced on Twitter that the issue had been patched out.

Online-only game models are notoriously unpopular with players for myriad reasons, from server instability issues at launch to privacy concerns regarding game data sent over the internet.

An ongoing problem includes online-only DRM, which strains players' trust in publishers while largely doing little to prevent cracking. Even though Sonic Mania's online bug has been taken care of, some fans are still upset about Denuvo, calling it a needless solution for the popular Sonic release.

"Denuvo can be damaging to PC hardware; its predecessor, SecuROM, once managed to permanently break both a new DVD drive and a reasonably new SSD drive of one of my past machines," one Steam user complained on the game's storefront page. "I am beyond disgusted that this was installed without any warning. If not removed I shall seek a refund towards the end of my refund period in a week."

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