6 July 2017 - 22:27

SoaR reveals its team house, and it's amazing

The house is designed to increase the teams' productivity.
Halo Writer
Photo via SoaR

Esports organization SoaR Gaming revealed its official team house, and it’s for everyone at SoaR.

For a lot of organizations, a team house is the ultimate sign of progress. Organizations work tirelessly to build a brand and put the company in a position to afford a house.

In a post on the SoaR website, its managing director, Jason “General” Wilhelm, talked about how the team house will improve the content SoaR provides its fans.

“[Having a house means you] always have someone to stream or make videos with, which is very nice from a content side of things. You can constantly bounce ideas back and forth and get immediate feedback on your content to help improve it.”

Increased productivity

For SoaR, this team house is designed to increase productivity from both a content and competitive standpoint. SoaR feels that the team house will allow content creators to collaborate with each other more often, very similar to how other organizations such as OpTic and FaZe utilize their team houses for content creation.

The teams signed to SoaR, such as its Smite, H1Z1, and World of Warcraft rosters, are expected to improve through the opportunity to compete together under one roof. SoaR plans to send its teams over to the house prior to a major event, for the sake of the chemistry building process, in the hopes that it will better prepare the teams for competition.

Features within the house

From what we saw in the house tour video, the interior of the house features seven bedrooms, one bathroom (although there are probably more), a complete kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. Based on the emptiness of the dining room and basement, these may be key locations to set up gaming stations for the competitive teams to play on. The house also features a large backyard, but SoaR hasn’t revealed what it plans to do with it.

Forming back in 2011 as a sniping team that produced content on YouTube, SoaR has come a long way over the past six years. It has earned its position as one of the largest esports organizations, and hopefully this team house will take SoaR even further.

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