22 August 2017 - 18:44

Nintendo's SNES Mini is selling out within minutes

Pre-orders are closing shortly after opening.
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The SNES Mini is just a month away, and the hype is beyond belief. Retailers are already selling out within minutes of opening their pre-orders sales.

Early this morning, Best Buy and Amazon opened their online stores to SNES Mini pre-orders. Those sales began at 1:20am ET and 4:45am ET, respectively, and both retailers sold out within minutes.

Walmart's pre-orders also went live Tuesday afternoon at 1pm ET, and the retailer is now sold out. Target's SNES Mini listing closed under 10 minutes after plaguing shoppers with error messages, CNET reports. Toys 'R' Us is also planning to launch pre-orders, but it's unclear when.

GameStop is officially accepting pre-orders for the SNES Mini in retail stores today, with online pre-orders available later today, Glixel reports. Over at GameStop, five bundles are offered for the console, along with a standard pre-order option. Pre-orders come with a $25 deposit for the $80 console.

GameStop also plans to offer consoles in stores on launch day, but it remains unclear how many will be available. As of publication time, GameStop's entire store website appears to have crashed, a problem Forbes confirms.

The SNES Mini is a mini SNES emulator packed with Nintendo Virtual Console features, such as save states and rewind features. The system offers over 20 classic SNES games, including Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and the previously unreleased title Star Fox 2. The Mini launches for $79.99 on Sept. 29, but at this rate, few consoles may be available by the end of September.

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