27 May 2015 - 14:13

Kirby causes chaos at local Smash tourney

Super Smash Bros
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Super Smash Bros. players pull out all the stops to secure victory. But rarely do those tactics cause venue-wide pandemonium

Kirby player "Poyo"'s drastic measures caused just that when a weeknight match turned too close for comfort. After using Kirby's vacuum ability to trap his opponent in his mouth off the edge of the stage, plunging both players to a simultaneous death, Xanadu officials dug deep into the rulebook to figure out exactly what had just happened. The disruption that follows is something to behold:

If that wasn't enough, "Poyo"'s second close match ended exactly the same way, forcing a second one-stock playoff. Competition admins determined that repeating these shenanigans a third time would award the win to his opponent. Fortunately for fans, Donkey Kong player "Average Joe" didn't let it come to that.

Unlike a character such as Ganondorf, it’s possible for Kirby to grab the other opponent off stage, and take them both hurling down to the blast zone. Since Ganondorf is holding the other character down below him, that character will reach the blast zone first, giving the match to Ganondorf.

Screengrab via Nintendo

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