2 July 2017 - 14:58

Get ready for a week of great speedruns at SGDQ 2017

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The world's premier speedrunning marathon is set to kick off today (July 2) at 12:30pm ET on Twitch.

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Games Done Quick (GDQ) is a speedrunning event that only happens twice per year, hitting peaks of around 100,000 concurrent viewers—who, in turn, donate millions of dollars to charity. The runners come from all corners of the globe, and it's easily the world’s biggest speedrunning event.

Halfcoordinated will kick off the festivities with a speedrun of the popular Platinum Games title, Nier: Automata, after the opening ceremony concludes. The event will then continue for the next seven days straight without any stops as speedrunners from all around the globe attempt to complete 132 games in total as fast as possible.

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The speedrunner ajneb174 will have the toughest time at SGDQ this year as he prepares to complete Final Fantasy VII, a speedrun that can take up to eight hours to finish, on July 8.

Interestingly, PC speedruns will dominate this year's event, with 54 of the 132 games present at the marathon being played on PC. Super Nintendo comes in at second place with 16 games being speedrun over the next week.

This event means that it’s time for the community to rally together to watch some great speedruns, and donate generously to the cause—because it’s all about charity.

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