3 December 2017 - 17:59

SergioRamos wins the 2017 Clash Royale Crown Championship World Finals

He is officially the first Clash Royale world champion.
Screengrab via Clash Royale

The first Clash Royale world champion was crowned earlier today in London.

"SergioRamos" emerged victorious at the 2017 Clash Royale Crown Championship World Finals, earning $150,000 for his first-place finish.

With a 2-1 series advantage in the best-of-five grand finals against "MusicMaster," SergioRamos held a commanding lead in the fourth game. As the game entered overtime, both of MusicMaster's Princess Towers were below 800 health, while SergioRamos' lowest tower was at 1,478.

SergioRamos used a combination of a Miner and Zap to whittle MusicMaster's right tower down to 210 health. But while MusicMaster was focused on his right tower, SergioRamos deployed a sneak attack with his Bandit on the left side.

The Bandit dashed to MusicMaster's tower and dealt the final blow, granting SergioRamos the 3-1 victory and the 2017 Clash Royale world championship.

In the post-game interview, "BBXH," one of the tournament broadcasters, revealed that by winning this tournament, SergioRamos captured the highest payout in mobile esports history. But when asked how he would spend his $150,000, SergioRamos could only say, "I don't know, it's so much money."

This is a remarkable accomplishment for SergioRamos as Clash Royale looks to become more popular in the esports scene.

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